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Is this thing on?

Happy thanksgiving

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page layout on a manuscript

I continue working on getting my manuscript for publication with Little Whale Press. After all these years, it seems quite daunting.

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Gilgamesh, some musings about fonts

Just finished revising 40 pp of my first draft of Gilgamesh.  Boy, tablet I & II were really a mess.

I noticed something kind of funny, and maybe one of the 3 or 4 people who read this site would like to comment.    I didn’t have the original font (Garnet) installed on the computer I was working on, so the printout came in Arial.   For some reason, I found it immensely easier to cut and radically change the MS, I think, than if I was using the fancy font.   I’ve decided to use only ugly fonts from now on, at least when drafting.  I think having something look pretty on the page gave me the misplaced perception that a work was finished.  I’m even wondering if I should drop the whole pretty font entirely from submitting as well.  After all, what if someone dislikes the font.  It’s probably better to use something more common in any case, to be on the same footing as everyone else.

All this is probably a bit–I don’t know–ironic in the context:  Gilgamesh was originally written in cuneiform, with a wedge shape on wet clay which was then baked or dried.

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Fun with Etymology

Did you know words for black and white come from the same root word?  bhel-, indo-european for the colors in fire and ash: cf. blanche, black, blanco (Italian, white), alba (through metasthesis).  I speculate also blank (from blanco?).  For more fun check out the Indo-European roots index here.