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I guess it’s time to wake up this site.

Still toiling away at Gilgamesh, but nearly done.


One thought on “I guess it’s time to wake up this site.

  1. Waiting Patiently

    When I look at you my mind runs
    uncontrollably with the thoughts of my lips
    gravitating towards yours.

    My heart races with pulsing frantic
    romantic feelings just waiting to embrace
    you with repetitious love.

    While my passion burns inside so wildly
    knowing that the moment is growing
    near for me to hold you in my arms and
    gaze into the depth of the window to
    your soul.

    Waiting patiently for
    you to let go your
    emotional desires.

    The anticipation of
    being with you sends goose bumps of
    bliss and joy.

    Because our love for one
    another is and will always
    be unconditional.

    Until then my love, may our love be
    captured as a motion picture with
    beautiful heavenly music singing the
    tune of our inspirational feeling.

    (c) By Naomi Johnson

    Gods Peace is in Control

    Relax …No need to fight or be up tight
    strife and depression will shorten
    your life.

    When the worlds tribulation appears to
    aggravate your nerves then throws an
    unpleasant curve
    so you do not know what to do…
    Or it seems you have
    digested situations more than you can

    Don’t stress nor absorb the pressures of
    life’s negative mess.
    Just embrace God’s liberty of serenity
    and calm down.
    Close your eyes to unwind then tell yourself
    not to worry but allow patience to come
    into your soul.

    Remember that God’s peace is in
    total control.

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